Sunday, July 12, 2015

Toto's Toothache

 America still tries to call it the World Series
Though tariffs became NAFTA and TPP
And a wall on the Southwest Border
Is bankrolled by the corporations
So they can dig big police proof tunnels beneath.
And, as long as a little Deep Water Horizon
Gushes from the Gulf onto the gumbo
At one of the last black-owned restaurants in Nawlins
(with live music as a haven for brass bands
now exiled by carpetbaggers protestant curfew,
Illegal immigration will always be a problem
Like pain imported from your Saigan or Juarez
Sweatshops. Yep, the World Series is just
A Chinese flag made in America, another
Guilded wall around the dressing room
In the wings where the great and powerful OZ
Changes costumes, but maybe this time: Toto will bite.


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