Thursday, June 2, 2016

Imagism (with “spot of time!” TM)

This is just to say
it’s been over a year
& I still have that silly
4 ounce bottle of water
with a Bank
of America label on it—
a gift not poison, a souvenir….

& once upon a time
it was normal
for banks to have
and even public restrooms….

Bottled water
is more honest
for a bank
than the image
of flowing water….

But even though banks
seem to store your money,
they love the
free flow of capital better
enough to put water fountains
in their corporate headquarters

as they discuss closing more branches
and making more money
on paperless e-banking

I guess I can throw
the bottle away now
(do you need a selfie of it to verify?
you could probably Google it

and an image will appear)