Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thinking about Ron Silliman; Not A Retraction, Just a (kinder, gentler) Sequel

Part of me still regrets naming a name
Singling out one for what other mainstreams
Do as well. [1]Okay to let out some steam   
And acknowledge my own failings in shame,
But I sound too mean like I lost the dream
That includes him too if he don’t exclude.
“Separate for strength!”s a great attitude
“We’re not anti white, just pro black” they scream
And that groove can help when you need a lift
You’ll pay for (though who gets the money?)
Pain comes out love. Even anger’s a gift.
R & I have bonded on occasion[2]
Although ‘free speech’ is not enough to be
Against institutional racism

[1] Don’t forget Shannon Barber’s great piece on Frederick Seidel “Ballad of Ferguson”
[2] R taught me some useful skills in all sincerity, for instance the kind of nuanced close reading necessary to understand the kind of dissembling used by the lawyer kings called Scotus when not called law-writing lobbyists

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