Monday, November 7, 2016

Post Election Blues

Post Election Blues

The minor character said:
Oh, the only vote they really care about
Is how you vote with your pocket book.
Every month, AT&T for President,
Comcast for King of Kings, taxation without rep.
The Emperors have their Colonial governors
And gives them little fortress gated community land grants
In the heart of what used to be
Your proud working class city…

Their blue collar servants drive up in Vans
To procure more money
Under the guise of fixing the equipment
That breathes new life into the phrase “planned obsolescence”

And, you vote, sheepishly
And kinda feel forced—
You need it for your job
    Of trying to find a job
And this government
Has more power than the one
We try to convince ourselves is democratic—

Some know the story of Apple’s “heroic stand”
Against U.S. Government surveillance
But we could use a government
To take a heroic stand
Against Facebook’s surveillance.
“Oh, they like Trump—what can we sell them?
(up pops a confederate flag)
“oh, they like Bernie”
“don’t worry, that doesn’t mean

they plan to boycott big tech anytime soon.”

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