Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Culture Crash Sonnets (for Scott Timberg)

Culture Crash Sonnet #1 (for Scott Timberg)]

Some call it Wild West, others anarchy
But the culture of the Youtube comment
Box has made everyone an expert. When
We vote for sexiest vigilante
And come to a consensus, we could bring
Back the shared Motown Medium and crush
The Faux-populist[1] culture that brought Bush
Through Limbaugh, to the fore. We don’t need bling.
We just hope for a decent place to live.
You know your life’s better when we had some
Say. Oh Facebook, we don’t. We’re part of some
Corporate Person who can lobby. We give
Our politicians votes. They give write offs to
Those who give them our money; bailouts too.

Culture Crash Sonnet #2 (after Scott Timberg)

We may not be called people anymore
But at least we got a case. In my case,
Our culture came first from Motown. I’d trace
 To “I Want You Back.” The pro-DJ door
Shut, but left those who oozed human passion
Flocking to college, and left of the dial
Professors with a ground to stand & smile
Coz songs like “War”[2] had fallen from fashion
But the teachers could narrowcast with ease
(so) many would be DJs got PhDs
to stop the spread of New Hist’ry’s disease
‘til algorithms brought us to our knees.
Human labor may not be obsolete
Lest MOOCs render conversation a tweet!

[1] Timberg, pg. 208
[2]  what is it good for?

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