Saturday, May 24, 2014

...(i can't afford a gravestone)--written on facebook

I can't afford a gravestone,
don't believe we should be buried in a box
(as we too often are forced to live alas),
but I kinda like the idea of an epitaph
(since I can't afford to make a will
or find a literary executor)
and perhaps that's what all these tweets are for
to prepare--to master the pithy form,
the short status update I always sucked at
(unless of course mere witty quip)--
to sum up a spirit from the grave...
"I could have done much better--
the soul we shared in classrooms was as close as it got"
It was never a dead lecture, never a ghost
and yes I could do much better--
there's some writings that point,
some unfinished puzzle pieces
that don't make sense without the lives
but this ain't about the shed skins
that you may discover and call "Chris" after I die
it's to be worthy...of your beauty
and, yes, your righteous purpose...
and be a vessel...

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